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This is to let you know what is involved in gaining a PPL

Age requirements

♦ To hold a PPL you must be at least 18
♦ To go on your first solo flight, you must be at least 17
♦ Please note that despite the legal age requirement on holding a P.P.L, there is no age
limit as to how early we can start covering the ground school.

How do I get a PPL?

Flying requirements
40 hours course (minimum), Minimum of 25 hours’ dual and 15 hours solo all flights will be based at
Wilson Airport.


You can get all these in our ground school packages
♦ Pair of Aviation Headset
♦ Capital Connect Aviation Ltd subject books.
♦ BT system (computer based Training)
♦ Flight Computer/ CX-2
♦ M5 maps with laminations.
♦ Square protractor
♦ Epilates
♦ East African weather for aviators
♦ Kneeboard
♦ Checklist
♦ Strainer
♦ Pilot logbook.
♦ Flying Record book
♦ Headset bag

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School Location

Wilson Airport, Nairobi Kenya

Opening Hours

09:00 AM - 18:00 PM


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