About CCA

Capital Connect Aviation was established in order to provide top quality, safe and recognized pilot training.  We recognized that our already existing companies did not provide safe, top quality training that was affordable yet flexible.

Our instructors are multi-rated pilots, meaning that they can fly and instruct on a number of different aircraft.  Our instructors have flying experiences

that goes beyond our Kenyan borders and extends into the greater East Africa and parts of Central Africa.

We will provide the latest system of Computer based Training that is easy to use and will facilitate learning even to the most time strapped cadet. Easy to use and understand, it is designed to be used by even the youngest of our aviators.  Our institution is gated and secure with 24-hour gate security ensuring that we keep all our students and staff safe.

 We ensure that the students do not leave the premises without signed consent from their parents.  We also ensure that we limit and monitor people coming into the compound as an extra security measure.  All our Over 18 students are asked to apply for a good conduct certificate from the Kenya Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D) to ensure that they are free of any criminal convictions in the past as a continued exercise to ensure the safety of both staff members and student body. 

Our Aircraft are Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (K.C.A.A.) recognized and registered aircraft. They are fully insured and maintained by a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (A.M.O) to make sure that we only fly the safest aircraft possible.

We are compliant with all the regulations that are set by Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.  We follow a strict code of audit to make sure that we have followed all laws and rules set by our regulatory body KCAA.  At Capital Connect we put quality and safety above profit at all times.   We are driven by goals of providing excellent customer service. We strive at all times to make sure that we operate at all times with high standards of quality, honesty and integrity.

We aim to commit to personal excellence and continuous self-improvement.  Finally, we are a company that fosters an environment that respects all cultures, beliefs and backgrounds.


Our vision

To innovate flight training in the region, to Inspire our cadets to reach and surpass their aviation goals and to make sure that all their aviation ambitions are realized.


Our mission

Our mission is to the have any person who walks through our doors to be received with the utmost professionalism. To make sure that they receive the best training there is to make sure that all their aviation career needs are met. To make sure that we give you genuine operational capability, that is, to make sure you do what you are licensed to do and do it well. Our safety standards are unmatched and this in turn goes a long way in creating a sound environment for our cadets to study and succeed in.



Safety is a cornerstone of our institution. We ensure that our planes are maintained only by a recognized and licensed Aviation Maintenance Organisation. We have a strict policy of ensuring that our planes are maintained according manufacturers' rules and regulations ensuring that we only do what the manufacturers have outlined. Our instructors are highly trained and experienced making sure that the cadets are receiving only the best of training there is.  We will require all students if full time, be dropped off at the Capital Connect offices at Wilson Airport at 8.45 am for a 9.00 am class start.  They will finish classes at 3.30 pm.