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About Us

Capital Connect Aviation Supplies Ltd was established in 2014 to provide quality, safe and recognized flight training. We recognized that the already existing flight schools did not provide reliable quality
training that was affordable yet flexible.

Our instructors are multi-rated pilots, meaning that they can
fly and instruct on different aircrafts. Our instructors also have flying experiences that go beyond our Kenyan borders and extends into the continent.

What can we offer you?

Capital Connect Aviation Ltd makes sure that cadets achieve their end goal. Whether it is just a Private Pilot License (P.P.L.) for leisure flying or a Commercial Pilot License (C.P.L.) for a future career, we

will make it our mission to make sure that you get the results that you are looking for.

Being a licensed Authorized Training Organization (A.T.O.) that complies with the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority regulations and the International Civil Aviation Organization (I.C.A.O.) mandate, we ensure that you will achieve a flying license at whatever stage that is internationally recognized.


Safety is a cornerstone of our organization. We ensure that our planes are maintained only by a rec-
ognized and licensed Aviation Maintenance Organization. We have a strict policy of ensuring that our

planes are maintained according manufacturers rules and regulations ensuring that we only do what
the manufacturers have outlined. Our instructors are highly trained and experienced making sure that
the cadets are receiving only the best of training there is.

Our Vision

To innovate flight training in the region, to Inspire our cadets to reach and surpass their aviation goals
and to make sure that all their aviation goals are accomplished.

Our Mission

Our mission is to the have any client who walks through our doors to be received with the outmost
professionalism. To make sure that they receive the best training there is to make sure that all their
aviation needs are met. To make sure that we give you genuine operational capability, that is, to make
sure you do what you are licensed to do and do it well.

Get The Best Knowledge And Your License With Capital Connect Aviation

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School Location

Wilson Airport, Nairobi Kenya

Opening Hours

09:00 AM - 18:00 PM


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