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What does a Dispatcher do?

Flight dispatchers are considered in the modern day as an essential framework of the airline industry.
Dispatchers are usually tasked with aiding in planning flight operations and monitoring the progress
of aircraft in various journeys. They are granted the privilege to control, delay, divert and cancel flights
as they deem fit and within the set framework.
A dispatcher is usually granted a license by the aviation authority of a specific country and in this case
that would be Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) and in order to be issued with the said license, a

candidate will be required to demonstrate understanding in meteorology and general aviation sub-
jects to a level comparable to a holder of an airline transport pilot license (ATPL).

What are the roles of a Dispatcher?

Safety evaluation

The primary task of an aircraft dispatcher is ensuring that a flight safely reaches its destination. Air-
craft dispatchers assess every variable that can affect the safety of a flight, which could vary from

plane to plane based on the route, aircraft, and other factors.
Crew review

As part of a dispatcher’s role in ensuring the safety of the flight, he or she will likely review the indi-
viduals aboard the flight, including attendants and pilots. Dispatchers are required to make sure that

each member of the crew has the required qualifications. Additionally, a dispatcher may check to see
if the crew has had enough rest between flights to ensure that crew members and pilots are alert and
Maximizing efficiency

Another key part of this position’s responsibilities is to get the plane from its departure site to its arriv-
al site as efficiently as possible. This means making sure that the flight route is as efficient as possible

while maintaining safety and avoiding other aircraft routes
In-flight monitoring
Flight dispatchers, like pilots, are responsible for evaluating and re-evaluating the weather, route, and
other factors during the flight. In addition to a dispatcher’s responsibilities prior to takeoff, dispatchers
will also make sure that the flight runs smoothly by keeping an eye on any approaching storms or
other circumstances that could compromise the safety or efficiency of the plane.

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