What does an Aeronautical Engineer do?

Students pursuing aeronautical engineering learn the mechanics of how an aircraft works through
theoretical and practical training in topics such as heat and combustion, propulsion, aircraft structure,
aerodynamics, flight mechanics and so forth. Aeronautical Engineering, contrary to popularly held
belief is not just limited to technical disciplines of aircraft design maintenance but is also currently

being connected with areas such as aviation law and regulations, supply chain, human resource man-
agement, behavioral psychology, and even environment and journalism.

What are some of the roles of an Engineer?

♦ Planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance
♦ Responding to breakdowns
♦ Diagnosing faults
♦ Repairing equipment
♦ Supervising engineering and technical staff
♦ Obtaining specialist components, fixtures or fittings
♦ Managing budgets
♦ Maintaining statistical and financial records
♦ Ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation
♦ Creating maintenance procedures
♦ Managing stocks of supplies and equipment.

What are the requirements of an Aeronautical Engineer

♦ Math and science aptitude; attention to detail and problem solving skills
♦ A- Levels or equivalent

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