Full time students

Regular classes will commence from 0900 to 1600 (with breaks) five days a week at our school in Wilson Airport. As a student you will have access to our E-library and E-books at your discretion. They will also have access to C.B.T. training.

Part-time students

We have different packages that we offer to our cadets.  We help in developing individualized training schedules for part time students who have prior commitments but would like to learn how to fly.

These students will be asked to do a 4 hour weekly independent study while using the computer-based training (CBT) with at least two days check in with our instructors to make sure that all topics are covered and understood so as to be able to complete the grounds course in eight months.

For our cadets who will be from your school, we shall provide grounds classes, if agreed upon by your school management, within your school grounds so as to make it easier for your students to access these classes. We are ready to provide this service to you at no extra cost.   Times for these classes will be discussed and agreed upon by your management and Capital Connect Aviation management.


Course 1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester
Private Pilot Licence Jan,Feb,Mar May,Jun,Jul Sep,Oct,Nov
Commercial Pilot Licence Jan,Feb,Mar May,Jun,Jul Sep,Oct,Nov