Flight dispatchers are considered in the modern day as an essential framework of the airline industry. Dispatchers are usually tasked with aiding in planning flight operations and monitoring the progress of aircraft in various journeys. They are granted the privilege to control, delay, divert and cancel flights as they deem fit and within the set framework.

A dispatcher is usually granted a licence by the aviation authority of a specific country and in this case that would be Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) and in order to be issued with the said licence, a candidate will be required to demonstrate understanding in meteorology and general aviation subjects to a level comparable to a holder of an airline transport pilot licence (ATPL).

Age requirements

>At least 18 years old.



Flight Dispatch training costs

Ab initio (initial) flight dispatch course (duration six months)
Dispatch ground school KES 150,000 (USD 1,531)
Refresher flight dispatch course (duration two months)
Dispatch ground school KES 60,000 (USD 612)