This is the second step towards becoming an airline pilot. The licence grants a pilot the privilege to fly aircraft for compensation and do commercial flights. A Commercial Pilot License (C.P.L.) is obtained once a pilot has successfully flown and logged at least 200 hours. These hours include those flown in P.P.L. so in retrospect, only an additional 160 hours are gained from the previous 40 hours gained in P.P.L.  A C.P.L. is very important for those who are seeking to look at aviation as a career option because by Kenyan Aviation Law, it is mandatory for every employed pilot to have a Kenyan Issued Commercial Pilot License

Age requirements

>To hold a CPL you must be at least 18 years old.

>You also need to hold a private pilot licence.

Flying requirements

Night rating dual flights .................... 5 hours

Night rating solo flights ...................  5 hours

Basic instruments ...........................  10 hours

Solo cross country ......................... 100 hours

Dual cross country .......................... 40 hours

Examination requirements

All CPL exams are assessed and invigilated by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA). 

The exams are held and sat at the East African School of Aviation in Embakasi, Nairobi.

There will be presentations and bi-weekly quizzes to monitor the level of understanding per subject.

There are seven written examinations covering: -

  • Air law  
  • Meteorology
  • Human performance
  • Theory of flight
  • Performance
  • Flight planning
  • Aircraft general
  • Navigation
  • Operation procedures
  • Radio Procedures

Once the hours for the C.P.L. have been flown and the ground school exams have been passed. The student is then ready for the flight exam. This is usually a cross country exam that includes Night flying, basic procedures and all that they have learnt since P.P.L.

Medical requirements

It is mandatory that a second medical is done once the flight exam is completed. This is a more comprehensive examination that will be done annually. This is called a class 1 Medical. The medical costs are KES 5,000 (52 USD).

Equipment needed (starter kit)

1 pair of Aviation Headset, Capital Connect Aviation Ltd subject books, CBT system (computer based Training), Flight Computer/ CX-2, M5 maps with laminations, Square protractor, 2 Epaulettes, Navigation ruler, East African weather for aviators, Kneeboard, Checklist, Strainer, Pilot logbook, Flying Record book, Headset bag  

You can get all these in our ground school starter packages


CPL training costs

Piper Cherokee @KES 16,000 (USD 163) Cessna 172 @KES 15,500 (USD 158)
Min. 160 flying hours 2,640,000 (USD 26,122) 2,480,000 (USD 25,306)
CPL Ground school 70,000 (USD 714) 70,000 (USD 714)
CPL Ground school exams 24,000 (USD 245) 24,000 (USD 245)
CPL GFT Examination USD 400 USD 400
Total for CPL (Approximate) 2,734,000 (USD 27,898) 2,614,000 (USD 26,673)