KCAA Approved Training Organization (ATO)

Capital Connect Aviation is duly registered by the Kenya registrar of companies and is accredited and approved by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority as such we are authorized to offer aviation training in the region. KCAA has given a stamp of approval on all of our courses and this ensures that we only offer quality to our students and that they can rest assured that their qualifications will be widely accepted after completing the various courses.

Our fleet

We have invested heavily on the best training facilities including the best training aircraft fleet that includes Cessna, Beechcraft and Piper variants. Our students are able to choose from a wide variety of aircraft in order to gain the relevant experience needed towards achieving their various qualifications. We can guarantee that you will fly clean, well maintained and equipped aircraft throughout your training. You can have a look at our fleet gallery here: FLEET.

The location

Capital Connect is located at the hub of aviation in East and Central Africa, at the infamous Wilson Airport, Nairobi. The perfect Nairobi weather almost always guarantees that your training will seldom be interrupted translating to more flying time and less frustrations. Wilson Airport is a buzz with activity all day and this exposes our students to operations in a busy environment. The cost of living is relatively low as there are various accommodation options close to the airport.

On-time training

Capital Connect has developed a structure that ensures students complete their program on time by encouraging students to fly a certain minimum number of hours. Finishing on time basically translates to less living and accommodation expenses and of course pouncing on job opportunities earlier.


Capital Connect is a global hub for a number of nationalities and this ensures that our students are exposed to different cultures and can learn in a diversified cultural environment. We believe that the aviation industry is often a team environment and training alongside people from diverse nationalities helps forge an understanding that has lasting benefits.




"Our mission is to the have any person who walks through our doors to be received with the utmost professionalism. To make sure that they receive the best training there is to make sure that all their aviation career needs are met. To make sure that we give you genuine operational capability, that is, to make sure you do what you are licensed to do and do it well. Our safety standards are unmatched and this in turn goes a long way in creating a sound environment for our cadets to study and succeed in."